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December 22, 2005


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All I know is that the Boston Red Sox World Series win was the pinnacle of this NY/NJ Mom's baseball experience. I watched every game, yelling at the t.v. , unable to sit, turning redcoat in front of my incredulous Yankee fan children, enduring their taunts of "Traitor!" woke every morning to read about the previous night's game, play by play , reliving each glorious moment towards victory. I figured , if the Red Sox won, anything was possible, pigs could fly, there was justice for the underdog under the heavens.
For once in my life, I actually CARED about sports. It was downright heady.
Johnny Damon, the Prince, in one fell swoop, has disillusioned me forever. And for what? 52 million dollars? Hm! My team loyalty had no price. sigh.

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