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December 20, 2005


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Well, what about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and the fact that Alaskans who must endure a lengthy period of constant darkness are statistically more prone to contract it than those of us living in warmer climes? It suggests that perhaps there is something biologically conditioned in us. We are, after all, warm-blooded creatures and get much of our Vitamin D from sunlight.

Perhaps it would be appropriate to hear from a blind person on this subject?

Back to Dao De Jing: Light and Darkness exist only as a pair, just another among the countless pairs of opposites that make up the world as we witness it... We would not know light if there was no darkness. We may like one more than the other, usually light is celebrated because our mind likes light and our mind is the one which is responsible for such evaluations and distinctions... Try going without sleep for a week or so and it will become crystal clear what is the value of night darkness (sleep)... Good and evil are way too often synonymized with light and darkness whereas good and evil are just another pair of cognitive entities which for Chinese stand in Ying-Yang relationship... It is not by sheer chance that Christmas coincides with the winter solstice because Christ was seen as hope, light that is born from the depths of the darkness (strong ethical connotations), otherwise Darkness being yin (when contrasted with Light) must be more powerful and more enduring... those who use Yi Jing understand that it's power lays in its ability to reach into the darkness where the light of our mind has dimmed... clear as mud? :)

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