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April 03, 2007


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In your earlier post, you listed a variety of ways that Bush lost the war. Since you are the expert of Confucius and Taoism, I wonder what you think of the Iraq War itself. If the president were not Bush but someone else who could have handled the matters better, do you think the war can be won? Should the U.S. start the war in the first place?

I have been opposed to this war from the start. I was never convinced that the US had the capacity - which had to include political-economic capacity, not just military capacity - to successfully accomplished "regime change" in Iraq. So, with a different President, I suspect the invasion would still have failed (at least in the broader goal of creating something stable after Saddam).

As to war more generally, I tend toward a Mencian position. He suggests that there may be circumstances in which war is just, but he maintains a very strong position against killing. To override the moral ban on killing requires very clear-cut and very threatening conditions. I think Iraq was never that clear cut and threatening a situation (however repressive the Saddam regime may have been) so, on Mencian grounds, Iraq would not be seen as a just war. Again, the Mencian position is not absolutely pacifistic; rather, it demands that a high standard of threat and clarity be reached before the ban on killing can be overcome. That's my sense of it at least.

I've joined in, with these comments:

As far as this blogger is concerned, it was an unjust war from the get go, so who lost it is really immaterial. Who started it is the real question. The buck stops at the Oval Office, whose current occupant is famously uncurious. It seems he likely simply went along with a plan put in front him.

Who started the war, then? The neocons shoulder a lot of the blame, but so do we the people, our corrupt system of government, and our decadent culture.

"Decrepit Old Fool" has joined in:

And the truth spreads!

Check out my sidebar and tell me what you think. :)

I'm in...

Kay, your sidebar rocks!

Kay! Brilliant! Is there some way we could copy it and pass it around. Your image should become the meme itself...

I "created" it for that purpose (meaning - I added the text). Should we worry about my not creating the pic?

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