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March 21, 2008


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It's always different. Sometimes a woman can become the main breadwinner and in this case a man should keep the house.

This thorny debate is rife in England as well as America. I've just been reading an article in the Times by Carol Sarler which strikes me as embittered and venomous feminism and an especially spiteful dismissal both of men generally and of the needs and rights of children. It was called something like "Of Course Children Don't Need Fathers" and continued in similar stance and tone, plucking simplistic and inane reductions from social history and the animal kingdom. The piece to my ear reads merely as though she were the purveyor of a patronising sexism that undoubtedly she feels women have been subjected to since time immemorial, and she seems throughout to be referring to children as if they were eternally babies. For it to be claimed that a child lacking a father is an indifferent matter is a travesty of the familial ideal, for such a situation may invoke psychological turmoil and emotional numbness in the growing child and may well be exacerbated further from a mother's distorted version of events in attempts to mollify the child's curiosity and to cement solidarity in the mother and child bond. Once the identity determines itself in adolescence, if not before, the sensitive child will want to know the man who is part of his or her ineradicable nature. All I know for certain is that if I had never known my biological father my life would by comparison be impoverished.

children only need parents (either a mother, a father, or both) that love them, care for them & never do anything to hurt them or that would put their child/children in danger.

I'm a useless father, and I admit this.

My wife and I divorced 1 year and 8 months ago.

My daughter is turning 2 years old this May 2011. I haven't seen her in 7 months. I pay child support every month and I pay for her daycare, but it's not enough.

I don't deserve to see my daughter, to spend time with her, or to be with her. I'm going Hell for divorcing her mother.

I'm requesting the courts for weekend visitation, but I know I won't get it because of what I did.

There is no forgiveness for divorcing my wife, or for leaving. There is no excuse for my actions. I deserve to be miserable. I deserve to die alone.

I hope that all the fathers out there who read this will take notice: stay with your wives and children. Be there for them, even when they hate you. Buy them expensive clothes and houses, even if you cannot afford them.

A husband has no rights, only responsibilities; once you accept this fact, things will be better for your children.

hhhmm... so women don't need men in their families anymore and increasingly won't want them in the future...

it seems that men will have to find a purpose-driven life outside family, now that we can't have any.
a role in society and purpose in life that is independent of women..

it's becoming increasingly clear that having a male role around family is ultimately stupidity... we have to find a purpose independent of women...

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