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May 14, 2008


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Wow, the pics on that page are heartbreaking. It's so understandable for the human mind to need to find some religious explanation for why life can be so freakin' sad.

For the last few days, I can't read anything about the earthquake without tears in my eyes... it is just difficult to be Taoist Sages like Chuangze...

On the other hands,it is also difficult to be indifferent to read such comments with their political agenda even in this darkest hours... I just have nothing to say...




There is some high quality discussion on today's NYT on Chinese students' response to the Earthquake that might generate some discussion here...


I thought about blogging Bell's op-ed when I first saw it yesterday morning. Daniel is a friend of mine. I visited with him in Beijing a year and a half ago. And I agree with him that the question he raised in his class was interesting but ill-timed. Let's allow the mourning period unfold before we start asking hard questions about ethical obligation.

Totally agree!

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