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April 27, 2011


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I enjoyed reading the post. Thank you. However, the link you provided for Wang Lixiong's piece was written way back in 2002 when he was not as informed as he is today on Tibet. In fact, the renowned Tibetan historian Tsering Shakya wrote an equally exhaustive reply to Wang's piece for the same publication. You might have seen it, if not here's the link:

Boy, all those Buddhist out there sure will find the true history of Tibet hard to swallow. But the truth hurts.

Truth enlightens. But again, truth about Tibet -- especially its history -- has been subjected to so many distortions and fictions necessitated by political exigencies/needs that one cannot be too sure if what we read on this blog is the truth; especially jottings by someone on a laidback pleasure trip in "Shangri la".

Just to add clarification:

Kesang's Mom's family were land owners. Her Father grew up in the new system imposed by the Chinese and was not exposed to the indentured servitude of his Father. Times were tough however for all of them during the Great Leap Forward though.

I think it is pretty clear from Sam's comments that he is just reporting what he observed himself and what he gathered through conversations with locals here. However, as I commented to a guest who asked about the Ponchen Lama, the answer will depend on whom you ask and what their vested interests are...

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