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January 17, 2013


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I was tortured for almost 3 years by the FBI and their friends only
because 85 years old man, Roland Sibens(chicago) convinced them that I
am a terrorist. I was tortured for working on my prosthetic legs in
the basement. I done absolutely nothing illegal or wrong. They thought
that in theory it is possible to hide bomb in them. They saw an
opportunity to get famous, so they were trying to torture me till I
sign their insane story. They tortured me using more than 100
different torturing methods and trust to me waterboarding is not how
they torture nowadays. I dont know where to find justice.

I think that after 9/11 things got out of control. Freedom fighters
became tyrants. In 1945, most Germans had an opportunity to learn about Nazis death
camps. I hope that one day American citizens will get chance to learn about people
like me, who were tortured with no reason for years.

Hi Sam,

I've followed your blog for about two years now, but these past two points on Sunzi and torture are some of the best that I've seen. I enjoyed them a lot. I hope that you continue to write for a long time in the future, because I love reading what you post here. Thank you so much for writing intelligent and articulate thoughts connected to the ancient minds.

Great blog post.

Typo: "he who is delicate and subtle cannot get the truth out of them."

You no doubt meant:
"he who is *NOT* delicate..."

Also, less importantly: materiel --> material

Keep up the good work :)

Yikes! Thanks for the catch. Fixed...

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