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October 21, 2005


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From the recent answers given by the Yi to you, it appears that President Bush and the US will be facing difficult times ahead. First it was Hurricane Katrina where the false dragon in Hexagram 2 was ousted with bad blood spilt. And recovery work not distributed evenly. Next was Hexagram 3 / Difficulty in the Beginning for the second hurricane and Bush’s Mandate of Heaven. Even the Homeland Security Secretary recently agreed with the Yi’s answer to revamp FEMA. So far no decision announced on the matter.

The nomination and possible appointment of Harriet Miers to the highest Court of the land will probably cause a Darkening of the Light (Hexagram 36) to the US people – your question. Conflict (Hexagram 6) meaning protracted war campaigns in a few foreign fronts will quickly exhaust the state treasures and the people in Yi’s reply to your question on the US economy.

Your latest question that is “Is Cheney himself involved in all of this and will be forced to resign because of it?” draws an answer of yes and no in the form of Hexagram 9 changing to Hexagram 61 as the special prosecutor being in the Junzi in Inner Truth discusses criminal cases in order to delay executions. Cheney represented by the third line in Hexagram 9 abandons his family – lines one and two; but the prosecutor is not amused and cannot be stared down as he is in the higher fourth line. Both the prosecutor and Cheney have to hold on to inner truth that is sincerity – easier for the former than the latter, one would assume. Ultimately it may be up to Cheney himself to do the honorable thing to salvage his dignity.

Sincerity is the most difficult virtue to attain in terms of cultivation. Therefore if President Bush is still in denial and does not realize the indication of fate depicted in the Yi answers, and the mood of the US people, he may certainly have cause to regret like some of the past Presidents who held two terms of the US Presidency (think Nixon); and possibly like Chou Hsin – the last King of Shang depicted in Hexagrams 9 and 36.

Just how many times can the people forgive an insincere man, is the question? And where have all the flowers gone?

Brilliant comment, as usual, Allan!

The shadowy principle suggests covert agency. They attempt to seek revenge via the prosecutor. 9.3 means they get a surprise break which will make it hard for the Administration but 61 means the Shadowy will be punished.

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