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October 04, 2005


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Like your comments on liberal Confucianism (and also read about Aidan - wish him well). China had never had a religious reformation or a similiar experience when it embarked on modernization. It just borrowed like a struggling poor man from every rich relatives for their ideas. And like almost every enterprise in Chinese modernization, the work starts from top to bottom, like to build a stock market before they had property rights. Now China has to go back to build the ground work for a secure modern society - its moral and cultural foundation. There is no easy way any more. Even if it successfully transplants Christianity, in form, in institution, it still has to learn self-reflection. And that's in the core of Confucian teachings. Remember once Weber said that one day no old religion commands the same moral authority in the world, what people will do, instead re-inventing religion, is to learn self-reflection? We are all coming to this point. Best wishes to you and your family.

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