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November 27, 2005


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Jon linked me to this post...I'm shocked that this happened, but I'm also just glad that everything is OK. From the car accidents I've been in, it is a relief to know that everyone made it through relatively unscathed; I'm sure Maggie will recover soon. Good luck with the insurance companies - if they're still beating around the bush by the time I get out of law school, I'll take 'em on myself!

Your discussion of trying to ascertain the proper balance of what action to take to try to avoid the crash is a classic example of the human condition. Often, I find myself doing precisely what you did -- juggling so many possibilities in my head that I end up running smack into the very thing I'm trying to avoid!

It's one of the lessons of taoism that is so difficult to master: Allowing our brains to process information without our minds mucking up the process.

[I'm certainly NOT pointing a finger of blame toward you; I believe you reacted as best you could for the given situation. Thankfully, neither you nor your daughter was seriously injured.]

Joe, Good to hear from you. I'll keep you in mind for my future legal problems...
Rambling, I know just what you mean. Chuang Tzu might have said "don't think, just react." And maybe I would have found a way(!) to avoid the crash. But I thought too much...And don't worry, I do not see any sort of blaming in your comment.

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