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February 24, 2006


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Hillary Clinton is a complex character. You might be interested in the character analysis I did:

Perhaps the Yi is simply advising her to be sincere and not be cunning. A war won by cunning will result in the outcome depicted by the top line of Hexagram 6.

She has to drop her current line of attack on the Iraqi war (Conflict), perhaps the wrong strategy.

My further advice to her is to learn more from her husband, former President Clinton about sincerity and benevolence. Clinton can be considered a lucky president who brought back prosperity to the US.

I was under the impression that the I-Ching was simply a tool to allow the subconscious to overwhelm the conscious mind and run free.

The second coming of the Clintons is here. Hillary is coming. It is time to revisit the Land of " is " where everything is not what it seems to be.
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Search under Clinton Years American Dream Reversed for more than a million reference results at Google or which has unique indexing of subject.

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