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February 02, 2006


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I think you offer a good plan here. I too would want to know if the birth mother is being sincere or if she's merely looking at a way to garner publicity. I realize that sounds rather cynical, but we live in the kind of world where people will eagerly debase themselves for 15 minutes of fame by going on the Jerry Springer Show.

Okay, lemme get this straight. If Haileigh's mother cleans her trach tube, inserts her food bag and diapers her, she's "proven" she's a fit mother? Wow, you sure got some high standards.

But at the same time, we have to be "cautious" in the critique of a state agency charged with her care who ignored reports of abuse, but rushed to get the legal power over the girl to kill her once the abuse took place? And the ONLY REASON they didn't get the opportunity to pull the plug is because they were stopped by a court order.

Mr. Tao, methinks you've been at the cooking sherry. Either that, or you get DSS checks.

Sane people could care less if the reason for the court order was that the abuser sued to stop her from dying. She not only didn't die (and the DSS didn't get to murder her), but she GOT BETTER.

The only thing you've proven, Mr. Tao, is that ax-grinders like you, DSS, and the whole host of strange characters in this drama should not EVER, EVER be allowed life-and-death powers over helpless people.

And what the hell's the freaking rush to pull the plug? I'll pay the electric bill for the vent! Sheesh. Our brave new world...filled with relativistic death maniacs like you.

Whadda douche.

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