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March 19, 2006


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I hope you can take solace from the fact that your beloved son was surrounded in life by those who loved him dearly as well as those who loved him from afar.

In the movie, The Wizard of Oz, the wizard told the Tin Man that the measure of one's heart is not how well we love others but how much others love us. In that sense, Aidan's heart was as big as they come!

Sam...I'm so sorry. I will keep Aidan and all of you in my prayers. What a gift and a blessing he has been to all of us, even those who met him only briefly or through your writings. Take care of yourself. I will be thinking of you and your family every day.

Many condolences. I hope God grants you and your wife consolation.
Sincerely, John

Also may God grant solace to Mo and Maggie, who I guess are Aidan's brother and sister.
Sincerely, John

If it helps any, I am sure Aidan will have a very good incarnation next time around.

sam. i'm really, really, really sorry to hear this. i hope you're ok, and so is everyone else.

if it's any consolation, i'll start a round of heart sutra recitation on his behalf.



My best and brightest memory of the A-man will be his sly grin as he watched me throw yet another gutter ball on our bowling outing a few weeks ago. What if... the world had a window on his 15th birthday party - what a message that would send! Lindley Disco- where wheelchair bound and typical kids boogie till the proverbial purple cows come home! You and Moe have done an incredible job raising your wonderful guy under extraordinary circumstances. You are an inspiration to all and Aidan will always be in the Westies hearts! Love from the Gallagher Clan.

My heartfelt condolences. May your time with him continue to imbue your writing with wisdom.

"The good die first,
And those whose hearts are as dry as summer dust,
Burn to the socket."



Although you did not know us personally, we are Williamtown residents who have watched with awe over the years at you and your wive's loving devotion to your son.

May the kindness remaining in the world help heal what you have lost.

‘When his parents love him, a son rejoices and forgets them not.’‘The man of great filial piety, to the end of his life, has his desire towards his parents.’ (Mencius 5.2/5)

Born good, with kind parents who cared for and nurtured him. Aidan remained good.

Unfortunately his appointed time was short, and he died. (Analects 11.6)

I offer my condolences.

I read this news with a heavy heart. Please know that Ethan and I will hold you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

I wish there were more I could say. I can only imagine your grief; I hope it is diminished in some tiny measure by the knowledge that your community grieves with you.

May the Source of Peace send peace to all who mourn, and comfort to all who are bereaved, now and swiftly.

Professor Crane and family

I do not know how this feels and I do not know what to say except I am listening; I have been listening; thank you for sharing the small mountain. Peace be with all of us, but right now, you most.


I am sorry for your loss. You are right, a Taoist perspective, that Aidan has returned to the Way, helps - if only a little.

One plus One became Three
Sharing a path, tracing lines of stories: together as life.
Coming to this point,
To moments of silence and respect.

What can be said, within this passing of one so loved?

Surprisingly still, stories grow in the passing
since the numbers remain
as One plus One forever as Three.


I hope this poem touches
upon respect and peace
for you and your family.

peace and condolences in this time of passing.
peace in your families path

My deepest sympathy. I am so terribly sorry.

(You once wrote a wonderfully thoughtful reply to one comment of mine. It's such a tiny connection, I know. Please accept my family's heartfelt condolences to you all.)

As I first heard of Aidens passing I felt sad at the loss. Then after reflecting on the way Aidens life was used by God to touch so many, realizing that Aiden is now with God no longer broken. A 14 year old boy in Heaven with Jesus, experiencing the wonder and joy of being in Gods perfect presence forever. Be glad for Aidans time with you and the girls. His time here on earth has touched so many. He has been loved and is now forever in the presence of love. Be sad for now. Never let Aidan be out of your thoughts. Live life for God. Someday you will all be together. Aidan is with you and watching you.

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