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March 22, 2006


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Sam, this is so moving and beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for helping to share Aidan's presence with those of us who did not get to know him personally.

Thank you for posting your eulogy, Sam. Somehow, I always thought that, even though I had left Williamstown, I would be there when Aidan left his body for parts unknown, yet the limitations of my own body kept me from making it back in time for the service. Knowing that you, Maureen and Margaret were surrounded by people who love you all was a great comfort to me yesterday, and being able to read the words that I would so much have preferred to hear you speak is a comfort of a different sort today. Hearing about the bubbles (first from Donna and now in your posting), I could feel them on my own skin and feel the warm sunlight from the day the five of us went walking out by Mount Hope Farm. (Funny, I can't remember any pain that day.) I will see you, Mo and Maggie as soon as I can, and until then, you will remain in my heart and on my mind, as always.

I also have a profoundly disabled son named Aidan. Because we spell his name the same way, a librarian recently suggested your book for me. Little did I know! I couldn't put the book down and finished it within 24 hours, despite the continuous care Aidan requires. Many pages could have been written by my husband and myself. The hospital difficulties were almost identical, with the same erroneous explanations given, in 2004, about our Aidan's pain not being real pain, despite morphine being the only thing that eased the symptoms of a supposed neurological problem. Aidan's way must become required reading for all children's neurologists!
The most valuable part of Aidan's way is the spiritual, philosophical perspective. I have said for some time that Aidan is my greatest spiritual teacher. Recently, I have been reading Eckhart Tolle's Book "A New Earth" and participating in the weekly online workshops he cohosts with Oprah Winfrey. I was getting stuck in some egoic assumptions based on the difficulties of raising Aidan. After reading your book, between chapters 4 & 5 of Eckhart's, I got the AHA moment I needed to continue! Thank You so very much, Sam and Aidan.

This is 2011, and I have just read this post about Aidan Crane, who died in 2006. This is such a beautiful and touching love story, a story normally denied those of us who have never known a disabled child in our family.
True, we also love, indeed adore, our 'perfect' children, and thank God for them every day.
But to thank God for a disabled child, who needs us much more, and more constantly, than one who is not,takes a father and mother who are without parallel.I felt so much love emanating towards myself while reading about Aidan.
I have nursed many people, adults disabled through motor vehicle accidents, and have often wondered if they might not have been better off dead.Many have been grateful to have been saved from death, and I have been disbelieving. I think now I was just being judgemental.
Thank you for opening my mind.

Now it is January 2012. I have just finished reading Aidan's Way and was greatly touched by it. I had to know how he was doing now, so I googled his name and was saddened to find that he was gone. The eulogy is beautiful.

I have profoundly deaf twin cousins (now middle-aged and married, with children of their own) and several of the Japanese whom I have tutored in English have autistic children. They are all among the happiest families I have known. As happened with Aidan, the disabled children, some of whom cannot speak, have brought out special qualities in the parents and their other children that might never have been developed, were it not for the disabled ones.

Aidan was blessed to have you for his parents; and because you gave him such a happy and rich life, it is evident that you and others have enjoyed blessings through him, too.

I loved the idea of the mass bubble blowing.

Thank you for telling the world about him.

Thank you for telling me and the world about Aidan - a truly inspirational boy!
Love & peace.

It was Dec. 29th. 2012, I accidentally found your book Aidan's way in The Orchard Hotel in Williamstown, MA. We had cancelled our annual ski trip a few days ago due to bad weather. While planning to leave Boston back to NJ, our 7 year old son asked us can we rebook th hotel and go ski any how. We agreed. I am glad that we did. I am glad that we chosed to stay in that hotel and glad that to find the Chinese written version of Aidan's way sitting in the living room book shelf. It was a gift from a Williams College to a Chinese professor. I did not get to finish reading the book but blessed that all the great coincidences get me to the book. I will pick up a copy tomorrow for myself and my 7 year old son to read.

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