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March 31, 2006


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If you look at your question again, the simple answer from the Yi is: to give more of your love to your daughter. That is also applicable to your wife.

The answers are contained in the two trigrams of Hexagram 54 representing your elder son and younger daughter; the Images of both hexagrams may be applicable to you; and Hexagram 38 for your wife and your daughter.

Glad to see that you can transcend the situation.



I'm still unsure what I think of the I Ching as an oracle, but it does cause one to look at things from different angles, some of which we might not readily think of on our own.

Perhaps a further elaboration here may help some readers understand my interpretation of Yi’s answer to Sam.

We cannot possibly think that the Yi will advise Sam to take a young girl as a secondary wife, the theme of Gui Mei / The Marrying Maiden. Therefore what did the Yi want to tell him?

The hexagram comprises of two trigrams; Zhen the upper trigram represents the eldest son and Dui the lower trigram represents the youngest daughter. With Aidan gone, Sam is left with his daughter. Instead of sharing love and time between two children like in the past, both parents can give more love and attention to the young girl who will soon become a teenager.

The image of the Marrying Maiden says: Thus the Junzi understands the transitory in the light of the eternity of the end. This is deep, probably we need to understand a bit of Tao to understand the meaning. Sam understands the message.

When only a top line is moving as in this oracle, it usually means a difficult situation depicted is transcended or overcome. Therefore there will not be any misfortune.

The resultant hexagram Kui / Opposition depicts two women, one younger, one older living in the same house. They may have opposing wills, but that also can be overcome by producing gradual effects in small matters.

Lastly the image of Kui says: Thus amid all fellowship the Junzi retains his individuality. Probably Sam understands the Confucian meaning better than me. And this would be the way going forward.

This may seem tangential, but the phrase "empty formalism" really struck a chord with me. I lost my mom very young, and one of the things I clearly recall happening is eventually just starting to shut down when people tried to offer the "standard" words of comfort ("She's not in pain any more," and the like). The people who said them meant well, but it felt hollow in a big hurry.

I'd definitely put in a word for watching out for anyone in your family who seems to shut down that way, who just goes blank in the face of comfort. Anyone who does needs a lot of extra support. Mourning is for the ones left behind, and it can be all the more difficult if no one remembers that and responds to it.

Our laws don't permit of polygamy so this reading could be a man in an empty marriage taking a younger mistress. If it were a housekeeper or governess it would be plausible that the wife and the "secondary wife" (mistress) could live under the same roof and fight.

ive been doing the iching for many years now and have found it to have no past or future interpretation more for the here and now,many times ive invisaged the hexagrams in my mind and they landed as predicted...its wonderful reading but dont make it the master of ur destiny..could someone tell me why is death such a mourning and taboo word in the west it is welcoming for those in pain and a passing into another dimension of our being which is readily accessible should one desire..enjoy living and when it is time enjoy ur death..for its a journey of a lifetime..

The "second wife" represents struggle in household. The first hexagon is the missing roof overhead, too. A sign of instability. The second hexagon is the roof restored.

I aksed the iching: she has move on but there still seems to be connection here. I got the marrying maiden no unchaging lines, I believe this is a bad omen saying not to purseu this relationship further?

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