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March 09, 2006


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Its amazing, I never heard of someone making it thru a fever that high before.

Strength and blessings for staying true to yourself, your partners and Aidan's expression of living.

I can only imagine the tumult, tireness and emotions you are tumbling thru at this moment. I was searching for a poem as a gift, a bit hard to find one that fits, but I found these words which I hope matches closely enough


So many threads loving in and out of what we each become
Fraying, reweaving, experiencing daily renewal
Ever living


Peace to you and your family

You are indeed a modern Taoist sage. You've provided so many of us with an example of how Tao can work, if we allow it, by opening up and sharing the joys and travails of your familiy's life.

with you. need anything, just mail.


Hope Aidan will get well soon.



Thanks to all. It is a comfort to know that Aidan has well-wishers all over the world! Today, he was a bit better, though it will take some time for his body to get over the terrible assault it has suffered. Thanks....

My hopes and prayers. Aidan will be in my thoughts over the next days, even more than he usually is.

Found my way here via Marc Lynch's blog. Am a Williams alum and north Berkshire resident, though I'm not sure you know me; I hope this comment isn't untoward.

In my hospital chaplaincy work this year (at Albany Medical Center) I have encountered situations not unlike the one you describe. I find that, as a chaplain, I am able to ride the waves of fear and grief alongside the family, without being completely washed away. I know how difficult that is for me as an outsider to each situation; I can only marvel at how difficult it must be for you as a parent.

You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts.

Sam, I came here this morning and read of your family's trials. I want to send you love and prayers. I also want to tell you how grateful I am for your thoughts during your hardship, which ease me along my own road. What a gift that is.
Thank you and I wish you the best possible good for you , your wife and Aidan.
with loving thoughts...Renee

Dear Sam,

I wish you and your wife all the strength you need in this hard time. I know what it is to have a son in the hospital, not knowing if he will make it or not. Letting the situation flow seems then the hardest thing to do.

Warm wishes,


Oh dear, Sam. I just caught this post. I am so so sorry. I hope that by now, a week later, everything is under control. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Thank you!

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