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March 18, 2006


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Dear Sam, Mo, Maggie, grandparents, and other family members,

Our hearts go out to you in these difficult days. We always loved seeing Mo with Maggie and Aidan at Margaret Lindley Park, watching the four of you march in the town parade, hearing about the summer camp that runs in your backyard. Aidan is blessed to have a wonderful family. Love,Cathy and Tom

When you did not post a subsequent entry to the last one, I immediately grew concerned that things might have turned for the worst. As the days went on, I grew ever more concerned. In fact, I did a web search for your local or regional newspaper to see if there was a disturbing obit.

When I didn't find one, it made me feel a little hopeful that, maybe, there was a different explanation for your unusual silence.

In these kinds of situations, there's really nothing a person can say, no words that can take away your pain and hurt. I guess the best I can offer is that I'm thinking about you, your family and Aidan.

And yes, Aidan's life has touched more people than you can ever imagine. Though I've never been to the State of Mass. nor have I ever spoken to you or Maureen nor do I know what Aidan even looks like, I do know he's touched my life through your words and I will grieve once he is gone.

On 18 March we celebrated the birth of the immortal Guan Yin, who abstained from entering heaven when she heard someone cry out for help.
Returning to earth she promised then that: “Any living being who calls my name or sees me will be free from all fear and danger.”
I am distressed to learn that your son Aidan passed away on March 19. I pray to Guan Yin the most compassionate and merciful that she now takes good care of young Aidan.

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