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March 24, 2006


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Bro. Sam, I agree with you. I only wish the North Koreans agreed. I believe the Jews were the first that considered all births sacred. A month or so ago I pondered that moment when life begins, and I wrote this:

Dance of the Haploids

What is that "spark" that occurs when the male and female gametes fuse?

Life! Potentiality is born!

And if we must withhold from calling it life for "practical" purposes, then how honest are we? The female gamete by itself will forever be only an egg, the male gamete by itself will forever be only a sperm (although it may seemingly possess all "normal" male characteristics, a strong single-minded drive, competitive beyond belief, forever wriggling and wrangling to get the prize) -- but when fusion occurs, the female haploid chromosome set and the male haploid chromosome set fuse into a new diploid individual, and it is at this point that "potentiality" occurs -- the spark -- and egg and sperm are no more.

Bro. Bartleby
P.S. You may be interested in a bit of talk this morning about the intersection of Tao and Jesus at:

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