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May 24, 2006


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"It may be the case that some portion of young people in the US do not understant what child-rearing requires and they become frustrated with it and abuse their children. "

I definitely agree. And the isolation that is encouraged in this nation, that is called "fiscal progress" does not help the matter.

I have read there is a correlation between financial hard times and child abuse - it skyrockets when times are tough. That is not hard to believe.

I know this is a very controversial thing to say in the United States, but I do believe the nuclear family is poison. Ideally, children would be enfolded in an extended family and a stable village. If the family falls apart, the village is there; the child is not sent miles away to a strange environ, seemingly in penance for being the cause of the problem in the family.

I hope we can defy the holy rollers and really start practicing birth control and sex education in this country. I would love to see compulsory child rearing classes for ALL people, not just concentrated on lower income black/brown people, because the problem is endemic.

The reason I am so vocal on this subject is that I'm a survivor of abuse. My abuser was a survivor of abuse, and his parents were survivors of abuse. I have one sibling that conquered the pattern in the rearing of her children; I myself didn't have any, so fearful was of repeating the pattern. What loss.

I think the system we have in place now is highly injurious to children in so many ways.

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