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July 29, 2006


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"For a Confucian, persons are defined socially. ... how could it be a person if it was not yet actively engaged in social relations. A person becomes a person at birth."

Doesn't this line of reasoning lead to the immoral reasoning of the Nazis, where they went through the hospitals and made on-the-spot life/death judgments, eliminating all those without social value?

I think not, because a person will always have value to his or her family, a child will always have value to his or her parents. Also, "social value" would not be measured in terms of the purposes of the state or the market. Rather, social value is derived from one's location in a loving circle of close personal relationships. Could this be abused to discriminate in some way? Probably. But all moral systems are vulnerable to abuse. How many innocents have been killed in the name of one or another universal God? In short, a Nazi Confucian is not Confucian at all; just as a Crusading Christian is not Christian at all.

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