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November 17, 2006


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I have lived and worked here in China for 5 years. I work in the education sector and I have to admit, the list of characteristics you notes all seem very familiar to me, even though I don't move in 'business circles'. Let me re-write them as I would have put them prior to reading your article.

1. Most foreigners living in China think the Chinese have little problem with using deception to get what they want.
2. China never had Christianity as a guiding morality.
3. Guanxi is everything in China, and there is a mistrust of ALL people but it grows in degree the further you get from where you were born.
4. Chinese mindset is the following:
* Limited to non-existent forethought. Deal with problems as they arise and don't EVER bother with problems that *may* arise.
* Never tell anyone what you are doing. Everyone is ready to rip you off, steal your ideas and undermine you in a selfish attempt to take what is yours. This is a reality, so be ready for it.
* Contracts mean nothing. Screw everyone over if you can. Make money now and repeat-business-be-damned as it may not come anyway.
* Nobody operates independently.
* Do not trust anyone. Accept there are people above you in the hierarchy and pay them off if need be.
* Teamwork and transparency don't exist.

Oh, one more thing...

The guiding motto and principle to live by is...



Very interesting ...

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