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December 06, 2006


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China is becoming a market base consumer society.

On the surface may look like a taoist culture , yet underneath is far away from Taoist ideals.

Strangely, and this points back to your earlier post, The United States is slowly moving towards a Taoist culture as people begin to reject a consumer based lifestyle and become to explore there own nature instead.

Somewhere in the middle the United States and China will meet and a strange new economic critter will be officially born to Slouch towards Bethlehem..

In the meantime peace Sam



Where exactly are you seeing a move in the US towards Taoist culture? I don't see this as all. If anything, it seems more consumer oriented than ever before.

I wrote a personal Tao to act as a translation to modern culture for Taoism, and in my ramblings as a Taoist in modern culture I watch trends. So you might say my view point is slanted.

Yes: The larger culture is happily churning out televised American dreams for people to be brain dead within the chase of Dollars...

However, more and more people especially the teens and those in a mid life are discovering consumerism doesn't create, define or satisfy the empty space. We are talking 1% or less of the population, but I encounter people on the streets and around the country and I see a undertow trend of hey its time to really be myself...

So Buddhism is most assuredly growing in this aspects, just look at the stories about how people are turning to Buddhism to help still the over active mind in this culture. You can see the trend best in the numbers of people turning to Buddhism.

Look at Yoga and how the practices of Yoga is growing in this country.

However, also watch movies and other mass market trends carefully. Look at how many hidden references to Taoism you are seeing now. I am seeing the Yin Yang symbol in advertisements, and you have the highly visible star wars Yoda and the force message...

I loved it when Oprah mentioned the Tao a year back and watching people rush to find copies of the tao de ching..

It's still very much a subtle under current buts its growing. More importantly its something which will be years in the making and even when it gets more apparent, wont be mainstream.

yet the current is there and over time will influence our culture.


stop by and chat if you are curious at the personal tao site :) I would love to hear your feedback.


Oh i forgot to mention the other major trend

As the US government becomes more dictatorial, (which it is still going down that road) . People will turn to religious and spiritual practices that teach personal freedom and source of balance. Taoism in some respects is the ultimate practice of personal expression. I see more people coming to me with questions for this reason.

By saying that the U.S is slowly shifting to taoism would agree that is doing so from confucianism? or that there aren't any signs of confucianism int the U.S?

In the west there is an increasing need to live as though you were on camera, or being watched. Yet, is seems a shame that an athelete has to adhere to those standards in moment of competition.

you just got served

The rise and fall of San-tsing Mountain is connected closely with the rise and fall of Taoism. The Taoism culture of San-tsing Mountain was started by Ge Hong in Jing dynasty, so Ge Hong had a special position in the history of the mountain. According to historical records, between the year of 357 and 361 in East Jing, Ge Hong who was a pills of immortality maker and famous medical professor climbed up the mountain to make pills of immortality with Minister Li. They wrote books to expound the religious doctrine of Taoism advocating that human being can de immortal. The remains of well and stove for making pills of immortality are still remained up to now, especially the well. It can still keep not drying up all year long after more than one thousand years. Because of the fresh water in it, it was called “immortal well” by descendents. Therefore, Ge Hong became the founder of the mountain and Taoism in the mountain.
Taoism was respected as the state religion in Tang dynasty. With taoist priest traveling to and from between north and south, Taoist in San-tsing Mountain became more and more popular. In the year 639, in order to strengthen rule, the royal court combined south part of Jiangshan, west part of Changshan and east part of Yiyang to be a new town—Yushan which had the jurisdiction of San-tsing Mountain. Then, necromancers built up the first Taoism construction in the mountain in the place where Ge Hong made pills of immortality which is called the place of perfect happiness now. It further consolidate the important position of San-tsing Mountain in the history of Taoism.
Ning Zhen emperor in North Song dynasty believed in Taoism and respected Lao Zi as the Most Exalted Lord Lao. At that time, in order to commemorate Ge Hong, necromancers built up a temple to consecrate Ge Hong and Minister Li. At the same time, Fuqing Temple and Lingji Temple were built up too. What worth being mentioned specially is that necromancers built up the six-floor and five-face Wind and Thunder Tower with natural granite at the top of Sky Gate Peak. This tower keeps standing lofty and firm after thousands of years of wind and rain, so it was respected as a brilliant jewel in Taoism construction of San-tsing Mountain.
In Yuan dynasty, royal court took Taoism as a thought weapon to control the Han nationality and Taoism were attached more importance to. At that time, there appeared necromancers who believed in Quanzhen sect in San-tsing Temple (they renounced family). They were engaged specially in Taoism activities. More necromancers believed in Zhengyi sect (they didn’t renounced family). They were restrained by Taoism classical religious discipline. Since they were proficient in every kind of religious rites, they were engaged in Taoism activities among the people. One is being engaged in secret matters and redeeming lost souls by making offerings and saying prayers. The other one is being engaged in positive matters. According to <>written by Lu Qiyuan in Yuan dynasty, San-tsing Temple was extended at that time. There consecrated Ge Hong, Minister Li, Golden Boy, Jade Maiden and supreme commander Pan in the temple. Scenic spots and places were also named after Taoism appellation, such as Immortal Bridge, Thunder God Stone and the Judge in Hades Stone. Thus it can be seen that it was very prosperous in the mountain at that time.
As a emperor of Ming dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang especially recommended Taoism. Heavenly Teacher Zhang was the national founder of Taoism. Dragon and Tiger Mountain in Guixi became the activity center all over the country. With a distance of only 150 kilometers away from Dragon and Tiger Mountain, San-tsing Mountain had a very close connection with it and was frequently visited by necromancers. Taoism activities in San-tsing Mountain were under direct control of Heavenly Teacher Zhang. At that time, it was very popular to worship in the mountain. necromancers and believers living scattered in Jiangxi , Zhejiang , Anhui , Fujian, would organize pilgrimage every September " towards San-tsing one year , towards Shaohua the other year ". They band together to walk, clear the way with San-tsing statues and flags , light the fragrant candle, lift various kinds of sacrificial offerings of cattle and sheep, ring three blunderbusses and cheer , mix it with the strains of music accompanied by drumbeats, blow and beat, set out vast and mightily to San-tsing Mountain, as many as ten thousand people at most every day, at least thousands of people.
The Ming Dynasty was the most prosperity period of the Taoism activity of San-tsing Mountain. Taoism building on the mountain appear in a large amount like the mushrooms after rain too. To Jingtai, there had already built up Dragon and Tiger Hall, Necromancer ascending to Heaven and becoming Immortal Jar , Jade Temple, Picket's Office , Perform and Teaching Hall, Nine Sky Yingyuan Mension , Pangong Hall , Stone Workshop in Gate to Heaven , Flying Immortals Platform, a thousand wonderful step door and bridge of rosy clouds in the mountain, San-tsing Temple had been rebuilt. The palace of the Ming Dynasty is very unique in architecture: Two enter from beginning to end, seat the north towards the south, made of granite in the mountain, stone roof beam and stone pillar, mix with the stone wall all around, worshipYuqing, Shangqing and Taiqing inside, 130 of carving stone and engraving statue , 45 of precipice inscribe.

gators r gunna beat them sooners!!!!

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