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December 10, 2006


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Those two families seem to me to be the extremes; my answers lie somewhere in the middle. I believe that over-scheduling children is dead wrong, as I said elsewhere...but I also think under-scheduling them doesn't do them any favors, either. I look at the second example and wonder at what point she gets off her butt, takes the box off her child's head, and shows him what numbers are. There are plenty of ways, without making them sit at a desk with a textbook. Hell, with a little creativity, you can use the box to do it. :)

Yeah, children will come to adults with questions about things, but there has to be some basis for the questions to start with. I could even get with the box on the head, if she'd just look up, point out to him that when two things bump into each other, they bounce apart, then let him go on his way again. Welcome to physics, kiddo - have fun.

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