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March 14, 2007


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The middle eastern religions sound like hell on earth. If there is no distiction in the inhumane treatment of animals versus humans, then it would be ok for someone to skin a human alive, as is done to animals. And we wonder why they don't care about the poisoned dog and cat food, poisoned prescription drugs they sell, and the lead paint on toys, by which they poison little children. I guess in a country where it is ok to do those things to humans, animals don't have a chance. To hell with China and their products. I want nothing to do with such humans. They are not fit to trade with or anything else, for that matter.

Why folow any of these people, everyone can make mastakes, he he. Just because they are of old, does not mean they are wize. Find your own way.


Which chapter is the Zhuangzi quote from?

Chapter 2. The translation I use is David Hinton's (p. 23). Here's the Chinese from ctext:


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