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March 10, 2007


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Dear Sam,

i appreciate your views expressed here however i disagree with your conflation of culture and ethnicity.

Race and ethnicity in today's world, which has as you say a global presence of Chinese people, is separate from cultural upbringing or background of a given inidividual in a place like Ireland, America, or any other Commonwealth country.

Irish-Chinese (or Chinese-Irish) is a label used for convenience. Individual's are more than race and cultural upbringing.

let me point you towards Homi Bhabha (ed) Nation and Narration. there is no such thing as nationality.


Wing Li

Several media wrote that she is the first lawmaker in Europe with Chinese roots, they seem to ignore the existence of Ing Yoe Tan, member of the Dutch Senate since 1998, and Varina Tjon-A-Ten, member of the Dutch Lower House in 2003-2007, not to mention a Dutch State Secretary in 2002-2003, Khee Liang Phoa. Tan's family previously lived in the Dutch East Indies, and Tjon-a-ten in Suriname. Phoa has gone back to live in China since 2004. I just wrote short stubs on all three on wikipedia. The genealogy of Mrs. Tjon-A-Ten is quite interesting as to the question of identity and ethnicity: her paternal grandfather came from mainland China to Suriname, but she's a moksi watra (mixed blood), one of her grand-grandmothers was a Brahmin Indian from British Guyana who married a Scot, and she also has Dutch and Jewish ancestry.

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