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March 06, 2007


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A true professional in these times has to learn to qualify what they say, especially on popular topics which many have read.

So on the one hand, it is like this and on the other hand, it is like that! Well, we can always learn from Zhuangzi to speak like a tax consultant or a lawyer nowadays.



Yu Dan's interpretations of the ancient Chinese philosophy have induced a lot od discussions and debates. I believe in this democratic era no noe has the monoply authority to interpret the Confucius's thought especially he lived 2,500 years ago and especially it was in that cultural and social contex. Even now, we have hard time to read or interpret Borack Obama's and John McCain's mind and agenda in the presidential election.
Yu Dan did provide interesting and original readings and interpretations of Confucius's thought in the contemporary cultural and social settings. However, her approach are only her own personal views and statements that does not represent the rigouously veriable fact or truce at the fundamental level. I elect to use the physical, chemical, and mathematical scientific approach to investigate the Nature's entities and properties, and especially the Nature's principle as well as the time-treasured ancient philosophy. This approach has led to the "Median-Effect Principle of the Mass-Action Law", the Unified Theory. My 38-yeqrs of theoretical work has been summarized in the international high impact journal, Pharmacological Reviews 58:621-681, 2006. This article is now available for free download at:[]. This theory provides rigorous interpretations, in mathematical terms, for the "Confucian Doctrine of The Mean", Dao's "Harmany", Chou Dun-Yi's "Wu-Ji Er Tai-Ji", and Fu-si's "Ba-Gua" (>2,000 B.C.). I had presented a one-hour speech at the American Philosophical Association Eastern Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD (12/27-30/2007) and will present a speech at the World Congress of Philosophy, Seoul, Korea (7/30-8/5/2008), and another speech, on 10/24/08, at Peking University, with a title of "The Ancient Chinese Philosophy and The Algorithm of Modern Science Principle", co-sponsored by the School of Philosophy and the School of Life Sciences. Using the "Median"/GPS concept and philosophy, I gave two speeches last month, one at the Beyond Genome 2008/Applying Systems Biology/Drug Discovery in San Francisco (6/8-11/08) and at the Drug Discovery Leaders Summit in Le Montreux Palace, Montreux, Switzerland (6/16-17/08). The contents of these presentations have just been published on 7/10/08 in Nature Precedings, the URL access: {]. To open further discussions, I would very much appreciate to have Prof. Yu Dan's and other scholar's feedback or comments.

Ting-Chao Chou, Ph.D.
New York, NY 10021 USA

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