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June 23, 2007


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I was pretty amazed at the amount of information I couldn't access from a computer while in China. What amazes me is that I can't imagine that China can possibly hope to keep this information firewall up and running. It's like trying to hit a very fast moving target -- one that moves faster and faster each day. I have no doubt that they have countless people trying to track the web for "questionable" sites all the time, but my guess is that as time goes on this will be less and less successful. Not that I am that knowledgeable about the technology at all (I'm not), but I just can't imagine that it's not going to be, more and more, a hopeless endeavor for them.

Looks like paranoia and fear for now. All of typepad is blocked here in Guiyang. More sites for the proxy list...

Yep, all typepad is blocked here in Beijing, and I had to use anonymouse to get here.

Sam, I have a copyright on the last line of your post.

Sorry, html got screweed up:

Yep, we've all been blocked for about a week now. Not good.

Hard to respect any country that can only keep social harmony (and maintain a dictatorship) not through ideas but by withholding them to keep the population stupid.

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