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June 01, 2007


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May I have your thoughts on my book?


Again, the Yi has spoken to you. Influence and the Well are apt hexagrams for writing a book that can influence your fellow humans and where they can draw wisdom from.

The two moving lines (the prognostication) advise you according to your character and what you could do. For a clearer understanding read the Great Image of both hexagrams. By coincidence, I had blogged a brief introduction to the Great Image / Da Xiang on June 1 and about the jug breaking or the rope too short to reach the water in the well, if you are interested.

The Chinese belief in the spirit (shen) of man has nothing to do with religions, unless you determine that the Confucian doctrine is also a religion. (Think Doctrine of the Mean) If you take a look at my 2 November 2005 entry on ‘Chu Shen Jin Fa’ (Exit spirit enter magic) perhaps you can be convinced that a divine spirit resides in every person. (Think Michelangelo, the Dutch masters, Zhang Sanfeng, and Cook Ting of Zhuangzi)

Perhaps the Yi is advising you that ‘when no thoughts come, true thoughts will arise’! These thoughts will arise if we are sincere and earnest, similar to pondering on Yi’s prognostications when the Yi speaks.

True thoughts that flow freely will make a good book for all to read.

Good Luck!

It is always such a pleasure receiving your comments. I learn much from you. I will read your posts and think about them. Thank!

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