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June 12, 2007


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Perhaps it's time for a distinction in names -- perhaps "father" can refer to biological lineage, and "dad" can refer to the social role. Some fathers are not dads, and some dads are not fathers, whereas sometimes a person is both.

Well said both of you. As fatherhood (and dadhood?) are on the horizon for me at some point, my thoughts constantly wander to the role 'dad' plays. I think society and nature put a lot of obstacles in the way of a father being a good dad. This is, by no means, an excuse not to be - simply an observation.

Motherhood, though having its ups and downs as well, is born right into the process. Giving birth to a baby provides a woman a connection to their child that -naturally at least- the father can never have. Despite the slick and fast ones, we can hardly say we carried the little tyke in us (let alone for the better part of a year).

I think that makes it all the more important for fathers to work hard at being good dads. I was fortunate, I got a great one. Hopefully when the time comes I can not only step up and fill those shoes, but also add to it.

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