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June 20, 2007


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Well, this explains the belief that "wu-wei" means to "do nothing" -- it's actually the fact that those who embody wu-wei are moving so quickly that we cannot see what they are doing (given that our eyes register sense data via the sensation of photons); thus, the Taoist looks to us as if he/she is standing still. Well, he is, and he isn't. All at once.

Hey...maybe this is what Bush is doing?

Initially there is an issue with word play

In the statement:

"A shadow isn’t a thing. It’s a non-thing. It’s the absence of light."

Well it's the edge between the dark and light which "Defines" the shadow. Which then bring up: Yin and yang of white and black: Light and nothing.

The author is both right and wrong because of that. Since while nothing is nothing, the shadow is something when you included the boundary layer of the edge which "defines" the shadow. Which she actually mentions later in the article, which is why nothing cannot transmit information Faster than light.

So you can also mix Yin and Yang to your Taoist comparison of her statement.


Are flow forms Taoist technology? See "Streamlining Energy: Biomimetics and Flow Forms" at for more pictures and words.

The tyepad has been wholely blocked(or GFWed)in mainland china, so reading your blog should be through proxy breaking that damn Great Fire Wall.

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