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August 27, 2007


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If they can't read Chinese, they might want to try John Boyd. Although, given recent history, I don't think reading is going to be enough. Acting on the precepts and principles of Sun Tzu and John Boyd is increasingly difficult for a military culture and command that is more concerned about being promoted than doing something vital. Boyd had a set speech on this he gave to junior officers. It was known as the "to do or to be" speech.

Boyd studied Sun Tzu deeply and believed that the old Chinese general was a much better strategist than Von Clausewitz.

The United States simply cannot win a war like Iraq without ceasing to be the United States. The nation is based on an arrogant vision of reality that simply cannot understand the disaster it finds itself in. As the Canadian military commentator Gwynn Dyer said on the eve of the invasion, the very best thing that could happen was a quick defeat for the American army. Unfortunately, it is suffering from a slow defeat instead. I suspect that the nation will not learn from this catastrophe, however, as I have heard rumours that the right wing is already begining to make the same lies that it spread after Vietnam: that the army was "stabbed in the back".

My poor friends to the South, you will not learn until you collapse just like the old Soviet Union---.

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