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September 21, 2007


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I think you're surely right here. I especially like what you say at the end about appropriate punishments. I think what the Confucian would likely be most interested in such cases is not "justice," (where each party is given "their due"), but rather aimed at "reconciliation." The Confucian focus is always on excellent relationships, not violations of individuals' rights (though it may be the case that excellent relationships do not violate the basic dignity of people). So punishment aimed at responding to a wrong done would be focused on repairing a damaged relationship, in this case one that has eroded in different ways (on both sides) due to the presence of racism.

All of this suggests disproportionate treatment, and in the highly charged and now politically mobilized racial context, it appears that the black students were being treated too harshly, perhaps because of their race.

I find your equivocation troubling...

I have only today started to look more carefully at what has been going on in Jena and this post was my first statement on it. So, yes, I was being equivocal. I need to learn more. These are my first impressions. I suspect that as I learn more my belief that this is an injustice will strengthen. In the meantime, I agree that Mychal Bell should be released, pending whatever juvenile procedure is forthcoming.

CNN did an investigation into the matter broadcasted it about a couple of hours ago. It appears that the District Attorney handling the Jena 6 case has a lot to answer for. If justice has been fairly served on all, there would not have been such big protests.

However since so many are above the law or favored nowadays, what is new in the US? And your work here, Sam, gets harder as the days progress.

May the force be with you, to fight Darth Vader and the emperor!

Hey I really like your blog! It gives me a whole different perspective on life. Awesome blog man.

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