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December 20, 2007


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Great post. As a resident of Korea, I couldn't agree more.

Thinking about this further, my guess is that the Sage would have voted for Moon Kook-hyun, who, as CEO of Yuhan-Kimberly, during the The IMF Crisis of 1997, "developed a new shift system where workers worked twelve-hours shifts for four days running, then took four days off" rather than laying them off. Mr. Moon garnered a mere 5.8% of the vote, perhaps proving your point.

Korea is not very confucian, it is just the most confucian. China has abandon the confucian ways for decades. China is just spreading confucianism with Communist characteristics, not the real stuff. Japan has never been truly confucian, and neither was Vietnam.

As for ruling power, confucius values lineage the most, not ideology. If your father is the emperor, you have legitimacy no matter how immoral and unethical you are. Confucius only advise rulers to be nice to people so that they can keep their reign. It was never advocated as the way to seize the reign. In Chinese history, you get to be the ruler through use of force, or inheritance. Since CPC don't use inheritance formally, there is only one other way.

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