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January 12, 2008


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"Chinese people in Chinese cultural contexts (the PRC and Singapore most prominently) are more willing to accept authoritarian political practices than, say, contemporary Americans or Europeans."

This is not quite true, as witness from Chinese history. How many times did Chinese revolt against their own emporer ? China had Hdifferent dynasties. The only time it was due to invasion from "foreigners" was the Mongolian and the Manchurian. All other dozens to times are Han revolt against Han rulers. That is not quite submission to government.

But every time when Han was revolting against Han, the government was weak militarily, or, the military establishment revolted against the emperor. I think Chinese are more submissive to military power than the reign of the government.

Historically, there were more revolutions in China than any other nations in the world.

And, of course, we don't suppose to remember anything that is over 19 years old.

Yes, I agree with you: the dichotomy of collectivist "Asia" v. individualist "West" is certainly overdrawn. But, even with that caveat, I think there is a greater, albeit general and diffuse, acceptance of group norms in China v. the US. Thanks for the comment.

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