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February 15, 2008


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Florida's lack of elected delegates to the upcoming Democratic convention is due to stubborness and stupidity on the part of the Florida Legislature (Republican) and the Democratic National Committee, with participation by Florida Democrats. The only fair deal would be for the Florida Party to persuade the Florida Legislature to conduct a binding primary--something no one seems to be discussing. It may not even be a possibility under Florida law.

Florida's population turns over so rapidly that memory of the debacle of November 2000 is probably fading.

I do not understand why you refer to your much earlier oracle in Feb 2006 (negative for H.Clinton) instead of the more current Jan 2007 (more positive for H.Clinton), when you refer to last year in this post? Would appreciate your further input for my learning process.tq

I wonder what "I Ching" had to say about Bush and his posse?


I have read your previous post about H.C., wich I undertand was favorables to her aspiration. But I hadn't read this one from 2006.

I find this very interesting, since I mayself made a consultation about this, related to the "Super Tuesday" (Feb 5, 2008).

My interpretation was the posibility for H.C. to win the nomination, but the serious risk to lost the presidential election against republicans. (comment number 9)

Your new post, talking about re-reading Sign 6 (I focus myself on line 6), worries me. One temporal win that turns into defeat at the end of the day¡¡ That is somehow what I got from my own consultation.

But, since inner sincerity is a key factor to model even our own destiny, let's hope Hillary be wise and sincere.. and avoid her party to lose in november


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