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April 16, 2008


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Poor, poor kings of Lu ,Qi and Liang ( I need to check which one Mencius was advising when he made these remarks on taxation) even the mighty Qin in the Chinese spring and autumn don’t have the tools sets of modern emperors.

Let’s try to count these missing tools:

1. They don’t have the paper money, so it is difficult to use inflation as a state policy to fleece the general population. Even though they are minting national currencies at the time, they would have to base them on precious metals.
2. There were a lot of “international trade” and “international consultants” running around these days, but no country could create a international fiat money ( IOUs) and then forcing the other countries to debase these IOUs. Could one find a better way to taxing the world than that? Comparing it with the tribute system of these Chinese emperors, what a civilized world we are living in now?!
3. They can’t create electronic money out of thin air and then create a myth vie a general population brainwashing machine called media and education that it is just as good as gold and consumption of the first world is saving the world from collapsing.
4. The existence of a self-serving, family based money changers elite class across the world. They can create miracles. Such is the current situation whereby trillions of dollars are spent to bail out the banking system, trillions of dollars are spent on war, and people are deliberately starved by a combination of financial policy and food cartel machinations and 20-30% of fertile land in the north American were designed to create fuel and petrol price are pushing up over $ 100 ( the lifting cost, remember is less than 10). Forcing each and everyone of us, doesn’t’ matter you are in the first, second or the third work, we would have to pay our taxes to this elites when you pump your gas in the car, buy our daily bread and turn on your light or computer… I feel you pain, Mencius, no wonder you were treated so badly in Liang court and nobody listen to you, you are just not as smart as Greenspan and can’t span a better story…… Look how Neocon’s treatment in our current Emperor’s court and courts of France, German and U.K… just turn green with envy and die again …



Again I'm really curious. Did you get these views by reading Mises and Hayek? Or maybe Lewrockwell?

It's interesting because just a few posts ago you were very anti-capitalist. Or maybe I've misunderstood your posts.

Zoomzan... for your inoformation, I read Hayek years ago but not very impressed. Haven't read many on Mises and Lewrockwell but now you mention it, I might check them out.

On whatever theories, I always try to check their relevency on the social and economic reality and many theorists have their social agendas.

Another good author is Hazlitt.

Actually, most of Mises's publications are available for free online. I really recommend his book "Bureaucracy."

You can also find free books on Austrian economics here: Gary North is a Christian Reconstructionist. Since I'm not Christian I don't read his bible commentaries, but I enjoy his economic analyses.

I like Lewrockwell and the Cato Institute, because they are very fair with China. The Cato Institute explicitly forbids China-bashing in its articles.

One reason I like Lewrockwell is that most columnists are very honourable. They're mostly American patriots, but they respect other nations' patriots also.

This is in stark contrast to the Neo-Cons which dominate both the Republicans and the Democrats today.


Thanks for the info. I did find Lewrockwell very interesting now I read some more. BTW, I am a big fan of Ron Paul. Too bad he doesn't have a real chance to win but I wish he can wake people up for some serious discussion and reflections.


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