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April 28, 2008


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"Nationalism" is arguably something akin to a characteristic group of sentiments reflecting interest or pride in either a country or region of either adoption or origin. "Globalization" is an aggregate process which may either be nationalism-driven or counter-nationalist depending on actor and context. Neither nationalism nor globalism are nuts although there are nuts advocating each, so I'm not sure how 'zhao san mu si' can be said to apply. Then again, I like to distinguish between "thing" and "process," and make other similarly useful(?) distinctions so I'M not cut out to be a Taoist, anyway.
In addition, although the modernists (including Marx) held that within each thing is the seed of its destruction, no sane state would threaten its cohesion and continued existence by deliberately manufacturing that which is opposed to that same cohesion - or worse yet be SEEN to threaten its own cohesion. So the PRC Chinese were quite understandable in their reaction and refusal to score an own goal or allow it to continue. Similarly the French are not falling over themselves printing chic banners that read "Allah is Great!" in Arabic for inciting car burning rallies. Nor are the vast majority of American citizens trying to drum up business by printing "Aztlan" T-shirts or printing "how-to" comic books on crossing the Mexico/US border. I suppose it really does make a difference if you live where you get to experience the fallout from this sort of activity.

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