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June 08, 2008


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Very good post. "Ancient pursuits of freedom and love of justice and truth" - a brilliant quote.

Fine words, but a little thing called history gets in the way. It wasn't the 'pursuit of freedom' that unified China, but rather the drive for conquest by the State of Qin. It wasn't the 'love of justice' but the need for order that finally brought peace to China after centuries of war. And 'truth'? only Legalism gets it right about Man's true nature, the School of Law is the highest expression of The Way.

Wake up people, we live in the neo-Warring States period, power politics and geopolitical rivalry is the new order of the day. Only the strong will survive and the weak will perish. Only a strong military, and wealthy state can ensure survival. Just ask the Iraqis, the Darfurians, the Tutsis, etc, ...

P.S. Instead of Qu Yuan, Li Bai, etc, ... why not Shang Yang, Han Fei, First Emperor, ... but I'd keep Yue Fei of course!

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