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July 13, 2008


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Nice post, Sam. Very well written.

The Chinese discussion jibes with the excerpts I've seen from the Ted Koppel Discovery Channel series on China in that it questions present day Chinese creativity. It seems that there are some Chinese who feel that they have stunted their own imaginations and can't have the same kind of creative vision as other countries. The fact that some Chinese see this and comment on it is a sign, to me, that they will soon be experiencing a creative boom.

Of course, the first and only time I was in China was in 1988 so what do I know? However, the over-riding feeling I came away with from that trip was the enormous hunger for the new and ambition in the Chinese people I met.

Yes, Panda is just a Panda, "Chinese" or not. But, "Kong Fu Panda" is just another Hollowood product to rack in big bucks (influencing and creating a youth culture on the side). I do have something against the "Kong Fu Panda" but from a totally different reason: it is advocating a "slicker is cool" culture. I mean the kids here are already trained to expect to be entertained and to get instant gratification, either at school or at home front. Sorry to disagree, but " Fong Fu Panda" has nothing Taoist about it. At least for the Taoist martial art I know, it contains at least daily practice on some boring moves and it demands sheer concentration.Just like learning math and science, it requires hard work and you may have to work for years to get a result. In order to train the tolerance of patience and self-negative discipline, daily meditation is often involved. There is nothing easy about improving yourself to the master level. Hollowood, using the Panda and the “eastern” new age symbol to promote and sell instant success, instant gratification, and no money down- buy it on credit mindsets that is what got me worried.

I take your point, Isha. It is just as Marx said it would be: all that is sacred is profaned; all that is solid melts into air. That is the Way of global capitalism. There seems little possibility of turning it back. Socialism in one country did not work; and nationalist protectionism leads to stagnation and decline. My sense is that all we can do is swim with the global current, and look for the most humane possibilities.

Good post.


On "the Way of global capitalism", I remember that Lao zi mentioned something like " Heaven's way" and "human's way.” so, as a social construct, one has to say that "the Way of global capitalism." belongs to the second category and the first category, the Heaven's way, has a way to catch up with it. This morning, listening to the Emperor (who happened to be naked this morning)'s lecture on saving the two mortgage companies and global policing, I got a sense that the Way is in action, as always has been.


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