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September 08, 2008


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Of course, we are happy more black people immigrant to China. If China hopes to become an important countries in the world, a multi-culture society is a must. That is why Chinese people go to build a lot of Chinese language center in the other countries, example: Chinese World

" “If Chinese multiculturalism does not deepen, if whites and blacks and other racial and ethnic groups cannot become Chinese, China will discourage the very people it has invited to understand its language and culture; and in the process it will be limiting the global market for its cultural products and undermining its world-wide political influence.”

China will have to accept being changed by those foreigners it accepts as naturalized citizens. This has been one of the root successes of the US over time. The US started out as an almost purely Anglo-Saxon society but then the waves of eastern Europeans started coming after the US civil war and the country was forever changed. All of those ethnic groups had to learn to get along in order to avoid turning the US into another version the countries which they fled. Ask a white American about any stories they've heard from their grandparents or great grandparents about dating and socializing between Catholics and Protestants or various European national groups. Didn't happen and the neighborhoods were balkanized. Today's immigrants are having to learn the same lessons (and some harder ones when they come from very rigid, religious societies).

China assumes all foreigners coming to its shores will be converted into Chinese thinking and Chinese viewpoints but I doubt the people in Beijing have considered the opposite happening. Oh yes they have, try picking up real western music on a Chinese radio station. Or a western TV channel on Chinese cable TV. And all movies are "screened". Beijing knows that Chinese culture is not flexible enough or even cool enough to compete with the west. So foreign residents will be "sinofied" by all means necessary.

"I think you can be very attracted by everything Chinese without wanting to get a Chinese passport. Especially considering that according to Chinese law, you cannot keep your original citizenship."

And you have to be pretty loaded financially as well as declaring all family ties severed. I have both the english and Chinese language versions of the green card requirements if anyone wants to see them.

Every time I've seen a picture of a foreigner getting a PRC green card it is usually some derelict old man with a wife 1/2 to 1/3 his age and probably has a dodgy record in his country of birth.

The interesting thing i am always wondering is why today there are more and more amercian understands chinese history better than local chinese.

Hi Sam, I wanted you to know that I enjoyed this Post so much that I included it in the lastest Carnival (Hosted at my place again). I also had some questions on your latest one on finance so I'll be back later to talk!
Best, Peony

I don't think a country needs to embrace multiculturalism and accept mass immigration to gain "soft power" and not exclude others. Japan is monoethnic and does not encourage immigration but their culture is popular around the world. Also, if a country needs workers, they can have a guest worker program or another temporary worker program.

Immigration and pluralism can have downsides as well. Immigrants and their children might consume a disproportionate amount of social services and welfare. In Western countries, some immigrants also commit more crime than the natives. There may be culture clashes that lead to tension between groups. When multiple groups live together, there is more possibility for racism and ethnic tension. The original group may also feel aggrieved at having their identity diluted because anyone can become, for example, "English" and their heritage does not belong to them anymore.

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