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September 03, 2008


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I'll have to confess to a bit of an obsession with this train-wreck too, as the recent posts on my blog show. I agree with your analysis entirely. I should add: when I heard high level (well, McCain did this himself!) McCain operatives listing Palins _PTA_ experience as a part of her legitimate qualifications, I thought I was watching SNL, or had wound up on "the Onion channel." When I discovered that I hadn't, I got depressed about the state of the world.

I think specters of "Legalism" are what worry me the most over the past few decades in our culture.

Looking back to history, and to inertia, I suspect the American culture has to re-learn some lessons before letting go.

All part and parcel of a society growing to find its own identity I suppose.

Better for it to burn quickly and out than to get established as a longer term pattern, to get repeated as part of our culture.

we will see, matters not. I hardly pay it any attention as it doesn't deserve notice, as I tend to others currently in need of a smile :)


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