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September 30, 2008


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I don't know what this tells you about the state my brain is in, but:

I watched "Drunken Master" two nights back and it says exactly the same thing as you have here.

There are several points throughout the film in which Beggar Su (the master/teacher) allows Huang Feihong (Jackie Chan, the slow learner.... don't tell him I said that) to undergo pretty serious humiliation and the film makes it very clear, as films always do, that this humiliation is a key part of the learning process and that each humiliation leads to a stronger Huang Feihong. I'm thinking particularly of when he runs away, only to run into the Big Bad Guy, who beats him up and makes him crawl between his legs. But there are several similar scenes.

And at first Huang Feihong is a very stubborn student constantly opposing his teacher- although never directly. It is precisely that opposition which leads to that big humiliation, and another round of opposition that almost gets him beaten in the final fight.

Perhaps Drunken Master should be made compulsory viewing for those responsible for the current crisis?

I use "Ichoice" on my Iphone. Faster, easier, equally accurate (I think).

Its interesting to look at current affairs from a divine point of perspective.

I-ching is a wonderful topic, I believe it can shed many secrets of life.

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