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October 13, 2008


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Bush won the war. The misunderstanding is what the purpose was in the first place. Post 9-11 we needed a poster child for the attack. Hussein was available and convenient. Bush hated him, and like Achmadinijad, he said so many stupid things that he had a bullseye on his back. Bush was also highly susceptible to influence, a side effect of not being very bright, having Messianic tendencies, and seeing the world in terms of good and evil. The neocons Wolfowitz and Pearle, along with the ever dangerous Cheney, sent him on a crusade. When Bush announced on the deck of the Lincoln that the mission was accomplished, he was correct. After all he knew what the mission was, since it was his. Hussein was soon to be hanged, his father's legacy cleared for not finishing the job in Iraq part 1, and the true objective accomplished, one of Israel’s biggest threats would be reduced to throwing rocks at its enemies. No more tanks, missiles, jets, and "elite" guard forces. Nation building and spreading democracy, never entered Bush's mind. He probably would not mind if they happened, but not a big deal. There was no exit strategy because Iran was next, just didn’t get to it. Maybe Obama will.

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