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October 17, 2008


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More to the point, it resemble's Mao's use of rural peasants as "authentic" and politically pure, whereas urbanites and educated citizens were suspect and required retraining. This woman really does worry me.

Thanks for reminds me about Comarade Lin's teachings.

This part could be used by Americans at the current economic crisis:

Adhere to the Policy of Self-Reliance

It can be useful for the Wall Street Bankers, so they don't need to relying upon stealing from the common tax payers;
It can be useful for the U.S. gov., so they don't need Asians to buy up their T-bills;
It can be useful for the U.S. consumers, so they learn not to charge their over-charged plastic cards to buy cheap, lousy and dangerous Chinese imports at the W-Marts... as the price is rising anyway...

It is great also to remind the WTO addicted Chinese that the game of self-willed enslavement should be over and rather than relying the model of exporting real value for declining IOUs, trying some Comrade Lin's policy of self reliance for a change, before it is too late...

My friend know how this game is played, and it is not nice for the workers both in China and U.S.:

"The new slaves for us were the Chinese. We expected them to flood our stores with goodies at low, low prices. So even workers in the anti-union south or the elderly could happily buy up appliances, toys and things while not getting any pay raises or seeing incomes actually fall. The flood of credit granted to the US by trade partners allowed anyone who owned even shanties to get cheap loans as the supposed value of even crummy shanties shot upwards like a rocket. Anyone who could, loaded these things with debt so they could buy Chinese, Japanese and European imports.

Well, that is now over. Even mansions can't rise much higher in price. All have hit that invisible ceiling where incomes can't pay even 1% interest on more loans. The principal value of all this real estate can't rise except via pure, simple inflation. And this inflation HAS to be in incomes! It can no longer be loaded onto properties anymore. This harsh fact is still being ignored by the sex-mad banking gnomes.

Thanks again for remind me this piece from Lin Biao:

"During the War of Resistance Against Japan, our Party maintained that China should rely mainly on her own strength while at the same time trying to get as much foreign assistance as possible. We firmly opposed the Kuomintang ruling clique’s policy of exclusive reliance on foreign aid. In the eyes of the Kuomintang and Chiang Kai-shek, China’s industry and agriculture were no good, her weapons and equipment were no good, nothing in China was any good, so that if she wanted to defeat Japan, she had to depend on other countries, and particularly on the U.S.-British imperialists. This was completely slavish thinking. "


Sorry, the link on self reliance:

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