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October 22, 2008


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As long as these parasites are in charge of money ( debt ) creation, the Tao is out of balance.

As to all these nonsenses on the NY Times, well, they are the paid cover-up guys and they are worth every pennies they are paid, to their masters.


On November 22, 2008 there will be protests at every Federal Reserve Bank and office in the country. Activists will demand an end to private banker control over the nation’s money supply and the return to a hard, commodity backed monetary system. The slogan is simple and direct: “End the Fed!”
The November 22 protests are intended as a kick-off to an ongoing campaign to educate and organize the public and take concerted, planned action. ONLY the conscious action of We the People can save the nation from ruin, plunder and total socialist tyranny. The time is NOW.
Protests will be held in the following 38 cities:
Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Baltimore, Charlotte, Atlanta, Birmingham, Jacksonville, Miami, Nashville, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Little Rock, Louisville, Memphis, Minneapolis, Helena, Kansas City, Denver, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, San Antonio, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Washington, D.C.
For more info and to sign-up for the protest, go to:

"Neither a borrower or a lender be..." Isn't Polonius played for a fool at every turn? Could it be that Shakespeare was mocking such attitudes by placing them in Polonius' mouth? In any case, it's one interpretation.

Yes, decency has always been foolish, especially in financial matters.

Comparing Shylock to the modern Central bankers who are using the witchcraft to create money from the thin air, Shylock must looks like an angel for these reasons:

1. At least the interests Shylock charged was based on real money ( silver and gold ), rather than fiat money that are based upon nothing another than, say, the barrel of a gun.
2. Shylock got punished by the civil government for a very small amount while these guys created the mess raked in huge amount of gold and they are still celebrities.
3. Shylock calls himself a villian, while Central Bankers call themselves civil right advocates...

That we call progress.


(Antonio is about to agree to take a loan from Shylock.)

Shylock. Methoughts you said you neither lend nor borrow
Upon advantage [i.e. with interest].

Antonio. I do never use it.

Shylock. When Jacob grazed his uncle Laban's sheep ---
This Jacob from our holy Abram was,
As his wise mother wrought in his behalf,
The third possessor; ay, he was the third ---

Antonio. And what of him. Did he take interest?

Shylock. No, not take interest --- not as you would say
Directly interest. Mark what Jacob did:
When Laban and he [agreed in their deal]
That all the eanlings which were streaked and pied
Should fall as Jacob's hire, the ewes being rank
In end of autumn turnèd to the rams;
And when the work of generation was
Between these wooly breeders in the act,
The skillful shepherd pilled me certain wands,
And in the doing of the deed of kind,
He stuck them up before the fulsome ewes,
Who then conceiving, did in eaning time
Fall parti-colored lambs, and those were Jacob's.
This was a way to thrive, and he was blest;
And thrift is blessing if men steal it now.

Antonio. This was a blessing, sir, that Jacob served for,
A thing now in his power to bring to pass,
But swayed and fashioned by the hand of heaven.
Was this inserted to make interest good?
Or is your gold and silver ewes and rams?

Shylock. I cannot tell; I make it breed as fast

Shylock. The villainy you teach me, I will execute, and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction.

I do like the symbol along with the NYT aricle. Isn't the small cycle the cancer cell on the big cycle, the society and the general public? So, even if the small cycle, the finanical elites, are just creating a situation that will destory themselves, they are unfortunately, also destorying their host as a unintended but expected consequence.

"Oh Villain, Villain, Smiling Damned Villain!"

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