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December 17, 2008


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Thomas Jefferson warned about what would happen if private bankers controlled America’s currency. Jefferson’s warnings were ignored, forgotten and buried by the press, academics and politicians who were paid to promulgate the false promises of bankers. Americans took the bait, swallowed it and are now about to be flayed.


The irony is that, today, bankers themselves are being destroyed by the very system they created. The excessive issuance of debt-based money by bankers is destroying bankers and banks as well as businesses, families, and governments.

Bankers’ influence turned government oversight into culpable blindness giving bankers the rope they needed to hang themselves. The soundbite of self-regulation ultimately spawned the largest Ponzi scheme ever, a decades long $50 billion theft by investment banker and former NASDAQ Chairman Bernard Madoff—accomplished directly beneath the blind eye of SEC oversight

Madoff’s extraordinary accomplishment is the pièce de résistance to the hallowed soundbite of free markets. I am a strong believer in freedom and free markets but only fools and dupes believe that today’s credit driven financially manipulated markets are free. Follow the money, not the soundbites. Follow the truth, not the bullshit.
Oh, BTW, by far the best American Founding Fathers, Jefferson was a DEAD BEAT SLAVE OWNER. His poor children who were born of his slave/master sex happy nights were SOLD to PAY THAT PARASITES DEBTS.

Such a great system to export!!! that is why they need a lot of paid foreign agents to promote, to sell to the suckers, like Gobe or Yelstin, who,like Mr. Liu Xiaopo, advocate 300 years colonialization for China to satisfy his paying Masters! Sweet dreams! Don't let it turning into a nightmare, which is actually what is happening...


Keynes' anxieties were sadly the result of his inchoate knowledge that the mathematical quantitative approach to economics, of which he was the foremost exponent, was unable to account for the actual dynamics of Human Action. He was handicapped both by his perspectives on the controllability of economic systems, and by his lack of a knowledge of time preference in governing Human Action. For an economics more in step with the Dao, look to Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard.

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