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February 06, 2009


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It is always a kind of disappointment to read that philosophers didn't live the way they wrote... I wonder what you think? I just ordered chin's book. Looks very interesting.

It doesn't bother me too much. I don't live like they wrote either. And they do give us good ideas for how we should live.

Yes, but you live the way You write, don't you?

Yes, though it's probably better to say I write how I live. And I don't put myself up as an example for others. Just doing my thing here as best I can....

Well, from what little I've learned of Confucius, I think his teachings more or less emphasize what familial obligations the younger family member has towards the older family member. As such, he supposedly didn't have much obligation towards his wife and offspring, though they should display total obedience, etc. towards him. Or at least that's how Mencius had passed on Confucius's teachings.

I dunno. I always sorta figured that Confucius adopted the views he did because of his absentee father. It's all about the mean and his life was out of whack on that particular issue. If Confucius was a good Confucian, it makes sense he would focus on those areas where he himself was deficient. Plus, men raised in single parent households (or with stepfathers) tend towards the misogynistic and that fits the bill with good ol' Kong. Especially if he had all the older sisters he was supposed to have had.

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