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March 15, 2009


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So, Louis XIV was a Confucian monarch? Pharoah was Mencian? Xerxes was Xunzi's inspiration?

Wow. The list of things wrong with that article just starts at the top with the flippancy and works its way all the way down....

Madeleine Albright: "500,000 Dead Iraqi Children Was Worth It"

Don't forget the blood in the hand of this lady. Is she a disinterested jury on North Korea? Who is going to judge her? In terms of blood in hand competition, she might very well win the competition over the North Korean "great leaders", hand down.

Seeing is beliving. Such is the moral superiority of these mighty and almighty empire builders, preaching while blood of the innocents dripping from their hands!

Strikes me as somewhat out of character for Madeline Albright, but what do I know. In any case, if that's what she was saying, then go ahead and judge her. Still, I'm not sure if pointing out Madeline Albright's character/lack of character suffices as a method for replying to criticism about North Korea. Particularly, I think there are many in the US who would be (and no doubt were, vocally) very critical of Albright (assuming this comment is in context, particularly). As Americans do they have (given such criticism) sufficient moral footing to criticize North Korea, or does the whole US need to condemn Albright first?

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