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March 10, 2009


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With scientific research, I can definitely see the minimalist Daoist position against it, but there's also the parable of the butcher: we must understand the nature of things so we can live in harmony with the Way. Science, especially biological science, over the last quarter century has become much more powerfully integrative: the categories which divided the world into biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, ecology, psychology, etc., have broken down and there is a continuum of understanding which is much more naturalistic, systemic and fluid. We may go from breaking our blade to seeing the way one day, but it takes practice.

I think you covered that nicely!

As an individual with several neurological abnormalities, one might think I'd be cheering on this decision. In truth, I'm rather ambivalent about it. As you aptly point out, I will still suffer from something and die in the end.

I also worry about unintended consequences. It seems to be like most every scientific breakthrough creates new problems that must be solved by new scientific breakthroughs which create new GMOs.

I had to think about this for a moment.

As a modern Taoist what is my view? My initial view is indifferent actually. I am not in a position to judge others or how they explore life.

The actual process has become so emotionally charged that I no longer think people can be objective and follow their heart on the question very clearly.

The larger problem is this, the rate of change within society is so great, I cannot as an educated individual make valid choices based on the projected information presented to the public.

Society has kicked up a dust storm so vast, that I have opted to walk out of it entirely

Unless a decision clearly disregards personal potential, clearly violates how we reach out kindness and a person's ability towards become a true human... Its just more red dust.

So in the end I am neutral towards it. I consider it as red dust.

i think you're distinction of "religious" and "philosophical" Daoism is incorrect. All Daoists are both religious and philosophical, but belong to different schools, sects, whatever you want to call them (there my knowledge wanes). not to mention immortality can be physical and spiritual.

but I agree, though I don't feel strongly about stem cell research either way, my primary question is why?

i don't know why all the mess about stem cells

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