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April 19, 2009


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I really doubt that Jackie Chan was trying to curry favour. Maybe I'm just naive. I think he loves his country as much as anyone else.

I definitely agree with Sam's observation about "class-based society." Another manifestation of this is when people talk about the one-child policy. People would say, "There are too many people in China. Look at our peasants."

Actually, even a few years ago, when I was going to high-school in Vancouver, I was always surprised when my mainlander classmates made fun of people by calling them peasants (nongmin). Seems like the classic classist put-down.

"had all read it in the original Chinese and still found Chan's statements to be extremely racist"

Did you read the WHOIL transcripts? or only part of it, tailored by the partisan reporters, such as the ones from Taiwan? Chen didn't hide his disdain for Taiwan's current regime, even though that has already hurt his market there.

If you listen to his speech, you can see that he is not the one who can express himself as good as he wish ... he had a elementary school education and he is not the match for those who manipulate languages for a living ...

"Chan's statements to be extremely racist"

Chen "racist"? To whom? what a laughing stock! Do you have some common sense? Look at the songs at the earthquake and his donation...Chen doesn't hide that he is a lover of China and Chinese, for that and for that only, he is accused as "racist" ...

He has more humanity that many of you combined...
Film star Jackie Chan has donated RMB10million to help those in need following the earthquake in Sichuan province. Other celebrities have also dipped into their wallets. From CriEnglish:

"Jackie Chan also sent his consolation to the quake victims and encouraged them to hold on as "people all over the country are with you," the star said.

The One Foundation initiated by kungfu star Jet Li has made a donation of one million yuan and volunteers as well as medical experts under the organization have also headed for Sichuan.

Basketball star Yao Ming, who is currently in the United States for his injury treatment, donated 500,000 yuan upon hearing the news."

Meanwhile, Supergirl Li YuChun (李宇春) yesterday joined a group of other singers and Chinese celebrities in donating blood in Beijing, singing a song, and sending her best wishes to the people affected in Sichuan. If you would like to donate blood please read this post for more information, obviously all donations are welcome and needed.

What has that got to do with Jackieoff wanting being Hitler? You're so star struck to even realize the donation is only for PR purposes. Do you even see how you got suckered into believing it? like promoting for them right now in this post? Why dont you donate some real time to the cause instead of recycling the same PR lines?

Chinese need to be controlled? Yes! Of course, so do Amereicans, if they were properly controlled,this depression would not happen.
What is politics, according to Suen Yet Sin, the founding father of modern China, politics is the management of people's (nation's) affair, and if you are not good at controlling people of your nation and let the go their democratic way, you hurn everyone in your country.

Chinese need to be controlled? Yes! Of course, so do Amereicans, if they were properly controlled,this depression would not happen.

Capitalism is falling apart. Tires explode, utility rates skyrocket, pharmaceuticals kill patients, telephone service is a mess, airports are gridlocked, broadcasters rip off scarce airwave spectrum for free and salmon in the Northwest are becoming transgendered and unable to breed. Even successful dot-commers are an endangered species.

Deregulation and the Financial Crisis


Did you donate anything for the victims?

If not, shut up!

If you donate your money, I would congratuate you and I don't care whether you are doing it for your PR purpose or not.

Fenqing very need girlfriend.

Back on topic: Orientalism is a Western discourse, not a Chinese one. Jackie Chan is participating in a particular Chinese discourse which is unrelated to Orientalism (Western views on China, not Chinese views on China). It has certain similarities, but only by virtue of its being a power discourse. This particular Chinese discourse is also a discourse of power, specifically one which seeks to perpetuate the status quo and preserve the current balance of power in the hands of those who hold it.

To put it another way: Jackie Chan is sucking up to the Party. But this [Chinese] discourse which he is pandering to, and the line of reasoning that goes with it, is something much older than the Gong Chan Dang. This discourse has been running through Chinese culture for a long time. And it has nothing to do with us laowai. There is no racism here. There are only Chinese people involved in this discourse. Classism most definitely, and even regional ethnic rivalry, but it's mainly just politics and power.

Frankly, I'm a little surprised that everyone has framed the issue in terms of racism or 'Orientalism'. You're applying Western cultural concepts; you're seeing the issue through your own cultural lens.


This one is from a Fenqing, but I guess he is highly regulated by his wife, therefore, no girlfriend is needed...












为 ---“办不到就是办不到”。这“鸟笼”是什么?就是笼罩在台湾之上的中国与美国联


Taiwan democrazy in action ...

Isha, you are married?

You must be much older than me. For the longest time, I thought you were younger.

I think your comments are really amusing, but how do you find so much time for this?

So in the above post, is Laowang you? Is that your Chinese pen-name? How about Meixihaiawn? My geography is embarrassingly bad - what exactly is Meixihaiwan?


I gotta tell you, your opinions read a lot better in Chinese: "The English managed Hong Kong so well! ... The Japanese managed Taiwan so well! ... Yuanmingyuan burned so well!" That's some good writing; it's balanced and packs a punch.

But when you guys write down your ideas in English, you come across as very nationalistic, very angry, and very war-like. You need to express you ideas more persuasively and less combatively. China has a serious public-image problem with the rest of the world. Some people are saying that the Chinese ruling class (including you and your parents in the Party) are beginning to act a lot like the Japanese did 100 years ago. You are at risk of becoming the thing you hate.

But it's not that, not really. You're just following the path where all power leads. China will soon be able to exert power as Japan once did. The dominant power in East Asia. It's heady stuff, isn't it? That feeling of power. Just don't screw it up and act like the Japanese did. There's a limit to the bitterness the lower-class Chinese people will eat. If you push your people too hard, they might rise up against you, as they have done many times in Chinese history, breaking away from Beijing and taking up with a local warlord. Don't go too far. Be moderate in your greed and how hard you work the common Chinese earth people.

China has a serious public-image ( since when? well, yellow peril? How do all the chink improve their image? by committing massive suicide? or Jack London's solution for his Chinaman? ) problem with the rest of the world ( what is that? ) .


That feeling of power. Just don't screw it up and act like the Japanese did. ( as in Iraq and Afhan? the feeling of power by raining death from afar? )

Be moderate in your greed ( Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the greediest of us all ? )

got to run. have a nice weekend...


That is actually pretty good, but it wasn't written by a fenqing. Lao Wang's article actually advocates for democracy. The Chinese yearn for democracy. But there is always the danger, throughout Chinese history, of disorder, chaos, and regional secession. As a matter of language, the Chinese use the word 'freedom' with substantially negative connotations. A better translation, for Chinese purposes, would be "profligacy" or "Id-driven anarchy". That much better represents the Chinese usage of the term. The word "freedom", as used in Europe and America, is a very loaded term. It is loaded semantically and discursively. So much of our national education in primary school and secondary school, and our resultant ideology, is loaded with the term "freedom", that it is very difficult to even discuss the concept with other countries. It would be the equivalent of Americans' and Europeans' dismissing the effect of colonialism and Japanese aggression on the Chinese consciousness. People in the West are too attached to the notion of freedom, and in a much different way than you see it.

My posts don't seem to be going through.

Anyway, Isha, if Lao Wang has a Chinese wife like mine, there's no way she would let him spend so much time online.

In fact, I'd better go before she asks what I'm doing.

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